Aldi and I

By: Katie McIntyre

Throughout my time on the Corporate Retail Association's (CRA) Executive Board I have held the positions of Secretary, Internal Vice President, and I am currently serving as the President. As I became more involved with CRA I learned how to coordinate with an E-Board and how to organize successful meetings. CRA has been integral to my professional development, as well as helping to build my network. Through organizing and attending multiple meetings I was able to build relationships with a wide range of recruiters. 

The Corporate Retail Association also gave me exposure to a company that I would not have otherwise considered pursing, Aldi. After being introduced to Aldi at a CRA meeting, I ended up receiving an internship with them and have accepted a full-time position as a district manager upon graduation in May. Without the help of the Corporate Retail Association, I would never have built many of the professional relationships that I have been able to form throughout college, including the relationship that has provided me with a full time job. I am very grateful to be apart of a growing organization and cannot believe how much I have learned from the Corporate Retail Association.