By: Caitlin Dubay

Through the corporate retail association, I was able to network with many recruiters from many companies & this organization has allowed me to find my way to my passion for buying. My sophomore year, I attended a meeting with TJX companies who owns (TJ Maxx, Homegoods, Marshalls and many more). In this meeting, I learned about TJX as a company, their culture and opportunities including their planning and merchandising internship. I immediately became interested in the internship. Come junior year I applied to the internship and received an official offer to intern for TJX for the summer in Boston. The corporate retail association prepared me for this opportunity by providing me with professional skills as well as providing me with a place to learn about opportunities and interact with recruiters.

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Fostering Relationships with Tesla

By: Colleena Peng

Co-founding the Corporate Retail Association has been the primary reason behind my college accomplishments. Serving as Co-President for two years and Co-Founder Advisor as one has allowed me to develop exceptional leadership skills and an invaluable network of resources. As a result, I’ve managed to secure supply chain internships with GE Aviation, Nestlé USA, Ernst & Young, and Tesla. Although none of these internships relate to retail, most, if not all recruiters I’ve interviewed with have appreciated my interest in and knowledge of such a volatile industry. If I understand the evolution of one of the most ever-changing industries, who’s to say I can’t overcome the challenges faced by other industries? 

In addition to learning about the industry, I cannot emphasize enough how largely holding an executive board position contributed to my academic and career success. Leading an executive board filled with different personalities required me to tailor my leadership style accordingly. Also, leading such a young organization forced me to remain versatile when faced with new challenges. Lastly, fostering and maintaining relationships to expand CRA’s resources has taught me the importance of networking. These are all qualities that recruiters seek when interviewing for internship and full-time opportunities. 

Enough about me! In the three years CRA has existed, alumni and current executive board members have secured internships and full-time opportunities with Abercrombie & Fitch, Aldi, Nordstrom, TJX, Kohl’s, and Macy’s. That in itself is a success story. It’s safe to say that facilitating the relationship between eager members and corporate recruiters has been the most rewarding part about co-founding CRA. Join CRA today and see what it can do for you! 


Aldi and I

By: Katie McIntyre

Throughout my time on the Corporate Retail Association's (CRA) Executive Board I have held the positions of Secretary, Internal Vice President, and I am currently serving as the President. As I became more involved with CRA I learned how to coordinate with an E-Board and how to organize successful meetings. CRA has been integral to my professional development, as well as helping to build my network. Through organizing and attending multiple meetings I was able to build relationships with a wide range of recruiters. 

The Corporate Retail Association also gave me exposure to a company that I would not have otherwise considered pursing, Aldi. After being introduced to Aldi at a CRA meeting, I ended up receiving an internship with them and have accepted a full-time position as a district manager upon graduation in May. Without the help of the Corporate Retail Association, I would never have built many of the professional relationships that I have been able to form throughout college, including the relationship that has provided me with a full time job. I am very grateful to be apart of a growing organization and cannot believe how much I have learned from the Corporate Retail Association.


Landing your Dream Job!

By: Maddy Rodriquez

I am one of the Co-Founders of the Corporate Retail Association (CRA) and I've recently accepted a full time position with Macy's Executive Development Program in New York City, starting in July! I couldn't be more excited to kick off my career in my favorite city, at such an amazing company. This has been my goal since freshman year, and I owe this success to the Corporate Retail Association. Being a leader and a founder in this organization really stood out to employers, so I was able to secure and internship and full time offer with Macy's. 

Before CRA was even established, Colleena and I wanted to be involved with an organization that brought in companies that we were actually interested in. That's when we decided to start CRA, and it took A LOT of work, but looking at CRA today, everything has been worth it. It's exciting to see members receiving internship and full time offers through the opportunities that CRA is providing. If you have even the slightest interest in retail, please check out CRA, because these are opportunities you truly cannot get anywhere else! 


International E-Commerce

By: Dorothy Shewchuck

As an Assistant Analyst for Abercrombie and Fitch, I specifically focus on Abercrombie and Kids on Tmall in China; which is a business to consumer online retailer like Amazon in the US. Within my role, I manage the products currently published on the site, analyze selling, inventory, review social media posts, determine which products will participate in upcoming promotions, and most importantly, work across multiple teams to help impact trends and styles for current and future seasons to assist in further expanding AnF’s brand exposure and growth in China. 

While a student at MSU, I was extremely active in business focused organizations because I was pursuing a liberal arts degree from James Madison College (International Relations). CRA helped me learn my love for retail could be more than just a hobby. Whether it was the recruiters coming in during the GMs talking about the opportunities available, or the corporate tours in Detroit and Columbus seeing corporate culture firsthand, the resources and connections I built were priceless in my job search. 

My biggest take away from CRA and the post grad world overall is that everyone has their own path. Two people can get to the same end point, yet take completely different routes to get there. Never accepting that there is only one way to get to your dream internship or career will only help you grow. As long as you have the passion and drive to get you to where you want to be, you’ll end up there in your own time.


Success Stories

By: Olivia Schaefer

Welome to the Corporate Retail Association's (CRA) blog devoted to our past, present and future members successes! CRA is a student organization at Michigan State University dedicated to educating all majors about the world of retail. We have a wonderful network in the Corporate Retail Association and we love to share the career developments of our own. From Abercrombie & Fitch to Aldi and to Tesla, we have dedicated members who deserve some special attention. Keep an eye out for our teams accomplishments and tips to how they succeeded through CRA.